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Pamela Geller USA EDL in Stockholm Sweden


Sport & Events


Aerial photography

Manifistation for Israel
Sionistic Federation
Stockholm Sweden
August 28th 2016



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Stockholm Pride 2016







Asylum demonstration August 2016 in Stockholm against the new law for "Temporary Residence Permission







Public speech about Islam
Stockholm - Sweden






Kurdish demonstration
Stockkholm Sweden
(more pics avail)


Stockkholm Sweden
Asylum chaos 2015


Swedish Society
Sweden Today..


Swedish Society
Swedish integration...






The Sweden Democrats
Jimmie Åkesson

"Spring speech"
Stockholm - 2015-05-09




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January 14th 2015
Swedish Party Leader
Swedish Parliament




Swedish Politicians
Media people


The Sweden Democrats
Jimmie Åkesson

EU Campaign
Huddinge  - 2014-05-09





The Sweden Democrats
Jimmie Åkesson

"Spring speech"
Stockholm - 2014-04-26




Swedish Society
Sweden Today..





Soccer "supporter" deadly violence.
Sweden  March 2014







Swedish Public Radio
live debate  in "Kulturhuset" Stockholm February 2014 about immigration to Sweden
Alexandra Pascalidou


January 15th 2014
Swedish Party Leader
Swedish Parliament




Left and right wing
demonstration in
 Stockholm -  Sweden
 December 22nd - 2013















Demonstration in Stockholm december 2013  against a book advertisment in the Swedish paper DN.se
Subject: Immigratiion to Sweden









Lars Vilks
preparing the
Vernissage Dec 7th

Gallery Movitz

Stockholm 2013



Swedish Prime Minister
Fredrik Reinfeldt

Summer speach

Stockholm August 17th 2013












Arsons, riots and vandalism
Stockholm Sweden 
 May 2013


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Botkyrka Mosgue  Sweden 2013

Demonstration for and against
Muezzin in Sweden

Improper use





The Sweden Democrats
Jimmie Åkesson
"Spring  speech" Stockholm





The Sweden Democrats
Preparing for 2014
parliament election
Communication training
March 2013 in Stockholm
The Sweden Democrats
25year Jubilee
February 9th 2013
Party leader Jimmie Åkesson






Swedish opposition leader

Stefan Löfven
Stockholm Aug 2012


Swedisih Prime Minister
Fredrik Reinfeldt Summer speach
Gustavsberg - Stockholm  2012







EDL Counter Jihad >
August 4th Stockholm


Pamela Geller USA EDL



Erik Ullenhag (FP) - Rinkeby
Mars 2012 >


Party Leader Debate
January 2012 >
Annie Lööf Centerpartiet  





Mona Sahlin / Kent Ekeroth /
Dilsa Demirbag-Sten
Globala Gymnasiet  Sthlm
Oktober 2011 >

Riksmötets öppnande 
sept 2011 >

Partiledardebatt juni 2011 >








Ian Wachtmeister - Jimmie Åkesson - Lousie Erixson  

Linus Bylund - Press secretary The Swedish Democrats  for party leader Jimme Åkesson Richard Jomshof - Rättspolitisk talesman Sverigedemokraterna  
Björn Söder - Partisekreterare - Sverigedemokraterna Helle Klein  
Yvonne Ruwaida  

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